jewels-on-wilshier-testimonials.jpgAfter going to numerous services, meeting with your appraiser gave me the absolute best assessment for my old scraps of jewellery and metal, some of which was even broken. I liked how I was treated, and I will be back in the future.
"Maria Luisa Casteñeda, North Hollywood, CA"

There was no way I was going to trust one of the “mail in your jewelry and we mail the check to you” websites. They all seemed like hoaxes. I was very happy then when I walked into your store and received a very fair rate for my old jewelry.
"Alexandra Lopez, Whittier, CA"

You gave me the highest prices for my used jewellery, and I was very pleased with your helpful, friendly staff.
"Sandra Kwon, Los Angeles, CA"

I found your service reliable and honest. I was happy to have finally cleaned out my old jewelery!
"Elisa Jones-Stratham, Woodland Hills, CA"

Dealing with online jewelry buyers can be aggravating, especially when you can’t speak with anyone directly. I found your store to be quite the opposite. I called, came in, settled on an offer and received the cash right then and there —I was impressed with such expedience.
"Tom G. Jarrett, Los Angeles, CA"

When I needed some money fast, you delivered! You gave me good prices for my old cufflinks and other items. I would recommend you to anyone who needs cash in hand.
"Kalpesh Mehra, Beverly HIlls, CA"